There have been many reports published about Camosun Bog. This is a list of the most relevant. The majority can be obtained from the UBC library or Metro Vancouver Parks Department - West Area

S Hermanson and G Wynn "Reflections on the Nature of an Urban Bog" Urban History Review, vol 34, pp 9-27, Fall 2005

D Underhill and L Brown "The Camosun Blueberry" Discovery, vol 31, pp 17-18, Fall 2002

N Baker, P Lilley, T Sasaki and H Williamson " Investigation of Options for the Restoration of Camosun Bog, Pacific Spirit Regional Park" Thesis submitted in Partial Fullment of the Requirements for Environmental Studies 400, University of BC, April 2000.

L Brown, T Taylor and B Woodcock "The Restoration of Camosun Bog", Discovery, vol 38, pp 27-38, Summer 1999

T Taylor "Some Fascinating Plants of Camosun Bog" Discovery, vol 20, pp 67-68, June 1991

Piteau Associates Engineering Ltd "Hydrogeological Asessment of the Camosun Bog, Pacific Spirit Park - Phase II", Report submitted to GVRD Parks Department, January 1991

AF Pearson "Ecology of Camosun Bog and Recommendations for Restoration" Technical Paper 3, UBC Technical Committee on the Endowment Lands and GVRD Parks Department, April 1985

A delightful children's book about the bog has also been published:
SA Alderson and M Ballance "The EcoDiary of Kiran Singer", Tradewind Books, Vancouver, 2007

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