We welcome young people, grade 10 and up, to our regular Saturday work parties. These are ideal for students who wish to learn about environmental and restoration work and can be used for career preparation and work study courses. Younger people are very welcome with their parents.

We also have several organised groups of young people working in the bog. Last year we had students from Prince of Wales school, Catching the Spirit programme and Botany Enthusiasts Club. Groups come in for several weeks and generally work on a specific project. They will often take responsibility for one specific area and carry out all stages of restoration from clearing to final planting, with initial instruction and ongoing guidance from us.

Camosun Bog is the focus of several school programs in the Vancouver area. Teachers that are interested in taking their school class on a guided nature programmme at Camosun Bog should contact Metro Parks West Area at (604) 224-5739 for more information or to book a program. Park interpreters provide hands-on science-based programs that enhance the elementary and secondary school curriculum.